Newly born from Realborn Sleeping Clyde kit by Bountiful Baby.  This baby is 17”, weighs 3 lbs and 1 ozs.  He was born on February 4, 2018.  
The baby will come home in a new three piece play set.  He will have a care package that includes a receiving blanket, bottle with fake milk, 2 diapers, magnetic pacifier, artist’s certificate of authenticity, birth certificate, birth announcement, and care instructions.  Any props or clothing shown in pictures but not listed above will not be included. 
Teensy Dolls are carefully painted with Miracle Blend paint made for vinyl and sealed with two coats of matte varnish.  This baby has painted hair.  I give each baby intricate details such as veining and capillaries.  I use doe suede bodies.    I install a magnet behind the lips for a magnetic pacifier. 
I use high quality materials for these special babies.  Premium fine glass beads are used for weighing and premium polyfill is used for stuffing.  The babies are lightly scented with baby powder smelling wafers inside the body.  My babies are made, snuggled in and sent home to you with lots of love.
I will happily take safety pictures for you in any pose that you request to prove that you will be getting the doll in the pictures. I do have other photos, unfortunately, I can only add 10 to the Etsy listing.  Please ask and I will send more.  I love helping you choose the perfect baby.
Once the baby is listed, it is ready to leave for the trip home with the exception of her paperwork.  I will name him or you can choose the special name for this new baby.
The baby will be snuggled in and sent on the way to you within two business days after you purchase the doll.  I am usually able to get them snuggled in the same day you make the purchase.  You will get the EXACT baby shown in the pictures.  
NOTE:  These dolls are collectible dolls and should be treated with care.  
I ship free within the U.S. only.  I ship priority mail and you will get a tracking number and soon as the baby is shipped.

Bitty Baby Boy

  • This bitty baby boy is ready for some sweet snuggles.  He will be shipped within two business days of your purchase-usually the day after.